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1. Ensure that it is safe and permissible by local authorities to be outside. 
Always follow health and safety ordinances before heading outside. 
If you live in an area where you can be outside, be sure to practice social distancing and robust sanitation practices before, during, and after your cleanup.  

2. Select an appropriate time and route for your cleanup. 
Be aware of your location and safety: If your location is busy with traffic, be sure to wear bright clothing or select a time when less traffic will be occuring. Your cleanup route can be done on your time and when you choose. On average, location cleanup takes about 1-1.5 hours. Always do your cleanup in daylight and when weather conditions are suitable.  

3. During the cleanup 
Ensure that you wear some form of gloves for protection. Additionally, BBQ tongs, salad tongs, or other pickup device can help create further separation between you and the litter 
Never touch the litter directly or your face during your cleanup. 
Less is better. Only pick up litter that is safe to handle and can be easily disposed of or recycled. 
Fill your provided bags to the rim, as we only have so many of them and leave them near or along your cleanup location. 


4. After the cleanup 
Publicize the success of your cleanup on social media. Tag us at @GreenupAshland and/or with the hashtag #GreenUpAshland2022Cleanup and #greenupashland 

We love to feature our Participants and volunteers!  

Safety Checklist for GreenUp Ashland CleanUp Participants

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