Green Up Ashland's “Adopt-A-Street” program is a volunteer-driven clean up program to help address the community concerns of littering and cleaner streets. This program includes support from the Ashland Department of Public Works to collect litter and clean up sections of unincorporated area roadways. The Adopt-A-Street program provides business and residents with an opportunity to do something positive for the community - with cleaner streets and neighborhoods, increased neighborhood pride and property value.

Town of Ashland Responsibilities: 

- Provide yellow Green Up Ashland trash bags 

- Ensure  Waste Management removes filled Green Up Ashland yellow trash bags as part of residents' regular trash pick-up
- Monitor the yellow Green Up Ashland trash bag pick up volume as reported by Waste Management

Green Up Ashland Responsiblities:

- Approve streets adopted by volunteers/participants
- Ensure that all participants sign the Volunteer/Participant Waiver form
- Track participant clean up participation
- Provide monthly trash distribution of yellow Green Up Ashland bags to allow participant participation 

Adopt-A-Street Participant Responsibilities:

- Fill out and return (or scan and email to us) the Volunteer/Participant Waiver 

- Refer to the "current adopted street/locations" below for adoption availability.

**If you are adopting a portion of a long road/street, then provide a start and end location. i.e. corner from intersecting streets.

- Pick up yellow Ashland Green Up trash bags monthly (below)
- Place filled Green Up Ashland yellow trash bags curbside for pick up on your regularly scheduled trash pick-up day.

2019 Adopt-A-Street Green Up Ashland Bag Schedule:

Bags will be provided the following days at the Farmers Market from 9-10am: 

June 22nd

July 27th

August 24th

September 14th

October 5th

Questions? Contact us via email